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This cloud based platform "Brasil Seguros" provides Brazil insurance information based on supervisory authority proven database.

It shows how "Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS)" enables new insights and full view on the insurance sector and competitors.

Semantis offers clear, easy-to-understand information with KPI, benchmarks and big data insights.

You can combine Your analyses with best-of-class visualisations enabling smart decisions.

On the PC, Laptop or tablet all insights are provided at Your fingertip in a convenient and intuitive way.

We offer additional services, like structural new designs enabling digital transformation providing the same benefits within Your private cloud.

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You would like physical control. We support en premise architecture. We recommmend hyprid cloud or secure cloud scenarios.

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How long are insurance companies in business? The life span before taken down or been overtaken?
What does this mean for Your company?

This sample shows market shares. Just a smart overview in combination with regions changing their rank.

Our services offer a lot of insights in the best possible way:
We visualize information because an eye catches topics faster.
This saves time and allows better understanding.

Leading Statements focusing needed solutions.

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2 Hour Overview with Q&A


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2 Hour Presentation plus Q&A

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Strategic Architecture

Integrating own data

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Made by professionals
providing expertise and clear insights

Marcus Huberti

CFO Insurance

Senior Advisor Insurance

Mr. Huberti enhanced the team as an external senior advisor with a sound background of insurance requirements and financial aspects into our team. He has 20+ years of experience in different international positions in the insurance sector and especially a deep knowledge of the Brazilian insurance market.

Amongst others in his ongoing career he guided insurance companies in main aspects like:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) in Brazil
  • Vice Director Group Control & Strategic Planning for Central and Eastern Europe as well as Asia in Italy
  • Authorized Officer (“Prokurist”) and Head of Group Controlling in Germany
  • Project leader “Dynamic Financial Analysis Non-Life” (Solvency II) in Germany
  • Head of expert group “Claims reserves Non-Life” in Germany
Mr. Huberti on LinkedIn

Dr. Andrea Rösinger

Semantis GmbH

Senior Advisor Finance

Dr. Rösinger is an experienced Finance and IT Transformation Advisor. She is Co-Author of “Business-Process based Financials – Transparency for midsize Enterprises with SAP Business ByDesign” (Link).

Key aspects in her international career are:

  • Executive Advisor “GoToMarket” China and Innovation management for Chinese customers
  • Senior Vice President of Next Generation SAP Business ByDesign Financials and Human Resources
  • General Manger of SAP ERP Development
  • General Manger of SAP Custom Development
  • Program Manager SAP for Standardization and Harmonization of Enterprise IT Architectures

Oliver Roser

Semantis GmbH

Design Advisor Seguros

Mr. Roser's professional passion is designing innovative business solutions and placing those solutions in the market. He initiated the “Seguros Brazil Project" as enriched KPI-Service to allow insurance companies transparent benchmarking.

Some mile stones during his career:

  • Co-Author of “Guideline for the Board | Big Data” topic “visual analysis” (Link)
  • Project Management and Requirement Engineer scaling from new software solutions to standard SAP-Company template creation for roll-out
  • Advisor of big European central purchasing organisations
  • Entrepreneur of efficiency benchmarking solution on non-monetary operational research algorithm
  • Designing main parts of ASAP as global project standard implementation method of SAP SE

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